The Property

Our property is located in the heart of Brisbane's Southside suburbs with surrounding residential areas including MacGregor, Robertson, Sunnybank, and Sunnybank Hills. The rapid growth of these Asian residential areas over the past 20 years have created a demand for shops, restaurants, and markets alike. The Southside population enjoy the convenience and functionality of the area and more people have become drawn to live within the Southern District. This place has been dubbed Brisbane's little Asia.

We are located in the main thoroughfare of Brisbane's Southern District, on the busiest Mains Road. Our two-storey commercial building was fully refurbished in 2018. The ground floor is reserved for retail businesses and our upper level is for commercial office use. Our property boasts a large number of car parks spaces, easy accessibility by public transport, security, 24-hour surveillance camera and on-site centre manager.

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City bound

Screen size: 2.88m wide x 5.76m high

Image quality: P6

City bound: Guarantee 800 displays every day, with 8 second displays within 1 minute loop between 6am to 10pm

Southbound: one static advertisement only displays daily


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